CPAP Machines: Maintaining Their Peak Functionality

CPAP machines need to be cleaned and well taken care of regularly just like all the other devices in the home. By taking care of your machine, you not only eliminate all the dirt and germs, but you also extend its lifespan. These machines have a lot of benefits in the treatment of sleep apnea. Therefore taking care of them would benefit both you the user and the machine itself.

The machines need to be cleaned and well taken care of because if they are not, the following issues are likely to happen:

1. They Become A Breeding Ground For Bacteria. If you are using a humidifier, ensure that the humidification chamber and tubing are clean at all times. It is recommended that you order new accessories if you are not sure of their cleanliness.

2. The Machine Will Degrade. Always ensure that the external filter is changed regularly. This helps in eliminating airborne elements and extending the lifespan of the device.

3. The Mask, Headgear, And Cushions Will Wear Out At Some Point. If you realize that your mask has an increased leak even when you adjust it to be tighter, know that it is time to replace your nasal or intracranial cushions.

Tips On How To Maintain Your CPAP Machine

Both new and experienced CPAP machine users should know how to take care of their machines well. Here are tips that will help in maintaining the functionality of these CPAP machines:

Each BiPAP and CPAP machine has a lifespan of about five years. The better care it is given, the longer it will last. However, a machine is still a machine. It may end up malfunctioning before the lapse of the five years. Most CPAP manufacturers grant a one year warranty on all their machines.

Non-disposable filters in the machines are made of foam that can be easily washed off with clean water. They can also be put out to dry before returning them back to use. It is, however, essential to replace them after every 3-6 months.

Rinse out the chamber daily and replace the water if your machine features a humidifier. Ensure that the chamber dries out in readiness for the next night.

The machine needs to be taken care of throughout. This will ensure that its functionality is kept at its peak for a long time. Ensure that the machine-specific filters are changed regularly. Disposable filters should be replaced every month in accordance with the set standards.

Clean the machine by dusting or wiping it with a clean disinfected cloth. Never submerge the machine in water.

It does not really matter what kinds of CPAP machines sleep apnea patients are using. The most important thing is that they are always well taken care of so that they can serve for the longest time possible. Clean machines also give the users a peace of mind and a good night’s sleep knowing that they are using a clean machine for their treatment.